How AI is Shaping the Future of Education in the Southeast

How AI is Shaping the Future of Education in the Southeast
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How AI is Shaping the Future of Education in the Southeast
How AI is Shaping the Future of Education in the Southeast

In the realm of education, artificial intelligence (AI) was previously perceived merely as a tool employed by students to aid in essay writing. However, educational institutions in the South East are now embracing this technology as well.

A boarding prep school in West Sussex has adopted an AI head teacher to assist alongside the human leader, Tom Rogerson.

Moreover, Cottesmore School has enabled students to utilize the technology to design their ideal tutor.

The government has highlighted AI’s potential to revolutionize education, emphasizing its transformative power.

The utilization of AI in education has seen various applications in the South East.

While some schools have employed the technology to assist in formatting worksheets, the introduction of an AI head teacher has expanded its role to provide guidance on supporting teachers, staff members, and addressing the needs of students with additional requirements.

According to Mr. Rogerson, the head teacher at Cottesmore School, the AI serves as a resource for advice, clarification of thoughts, and as a sounding board.

Additionally, AI tutors have been integrated to enable students to seek answers to their queries when one-on-one time with their teachers is unavailable.

The educational institution in Pease Pottage, catering to children aged eight to 13, initiated the “my future school” project, allowing children to envision their ideal school with the aid of AI.

In Turner Schools, located in Folkestone, Kent, AI has been integrated into lessons to educate students on responsible usage.

Looking ahead, Dr. Chris Trace, head of digital learning at the University of Surrey, emphasized the lasting presence and advancement of AI, stating its integration as an essential tool in the future workforce. He predicted that while AI might not replace jobs outright, individuals proficient in its use would become increasingly valuable.

Dr. Trace further envisioned AI’s potential in tracking student progress, offering personalized assistance based on individual needs, thereby brightening the prospects of education, particularly in the South East.

Mr. Rogerson, the head teacher, foresaw AI revolutionizing education, making it more tailored and efficient. However, he underscored the importance of maintaining human involvement and educating students about AI’s limitations.

He cautioned against overly anthropomorphizing technology and stressed the need for cautious integration, urging thoughtful exploration of its capabilities and limitations.

In agreement, Dr. Trace emphasized the importance of judiciously embracing AI, advocating for a balanced approach that neither blindly celebrates nor condemns its potential.


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